I guess I’m a bit of a mixture. One part of me is pure Canadian flying down the slopes on my snowboard. Then there’s the Chinese me chatting in Cantonese to my friends in Hong Kong.

Unlike a lot of Hong Kong people who emigrated to Canada, I was actually born in Vancouver and emigrated to Hong Kong! Then when I was about five, I went back to Canada again. So with all that going back and forth perhaps it’s not surprising I ended up as a flight attendant.

Kids are my favourite passengers.
Originally, I wanted to be a teacher. I studied Education at university in Canada and one of my favourite times was going out on teaching practise. I used to teach arts and crafts in elementary school and I always loved Halloween and Christmas when we could do all kinds of fun things. Kids are so fresh. They don’t care colouring outside the lines.

Applying for a job with Cathay Pacific was a bit of an impulse thing for me. Maybe I thought it would make me a better teacher one day. Or perhaps I just wanted to see a bit more of the world. I’m not quite sure.

But I guess what’s important in life is not so much about what you do, but how you do it. I’ve always pushed myself to be the best at what I do, whether it’s snowboarding or teaching kids or doing my job with Cathay Pacific – where I love helping people even before they ask.

I’m based in Hong Kong now and I’m very comfortable here, but that Canadian kid is never far away either. I remember in 2010, when the Winter Olympics were in Vancouver. Canada was in the ice hockey final against the US, which was a really big deal. I’d gone with a bunch of other Canadians to a popular nightclub area in Hong Kong called Lan Kwai Fong to watch the game on a big-screen TV. When Canada won I was so thrilled.

I also get a thrill when we have kids on the plane – kids are my favourite passengers. Even if I might have to peel icky stuff off the windows sometimes, I just enjoy being with them. But not everyone shares my view. I remember a passenger once who begged me to change his seat when he found out he was sitting next to a mother and her baby. The baby was no trouble at all, and I think the mum was quite offended at the man’s insistence on moving.
I love helping people even before they ask.
Later on, one of the other flight attendants came and told me the man was searching for me to apologise. He thought he’d made me cry and was quite mortified. But I’m not that frail!

Something I really enjoy is working for Cathay Pacific’s English on Air volunteer programme. We invite kids from local Hong Kong schools to visit the Cathay Pacific facility and I take them on a tour speaking in English to help them improve their language skills. The first question they ask is always the same, “Do you speak Chinese?” I know just how they feel.

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